Digital Transformation That


We believe digital transformation should be more than ideas, words, or PowerPoint decks

We are a team of strategists, designers, and engineers within Infor, one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies.

We don’t believe ideas should live and die in strategy decks. And we know a one-off mobile app isn’t going to solve the deep-rooted challenges a business faces.

We believe in harnessing industry-specific, world-class cloud solutions to drive better outcomes. Because we’re part of Infor, we have the resources to execute on your strategic goals and drive true digital transformation at scale.

Find out what digital transformation at scale looks like
For too long, organizations have been told that they must “innovate” to stay ahead. We’re not interested in innovation for the sake of innovation. Instead, we take a business-first approach to solving each organization’s unique set of challenges.

An enterprise-out approach to digital transformation

When most businesses “go digital,” they’re essentially taking an existing analog process and automating it. That usually helps them go a little faster and run a little better.

But in order to differentiate in the market, you must build solutions that go beyond automating a process. The focus should be on bringing intrinsic value to your end-customer, driving demand, and creating entirely new revenue streams.

The business leaders that make a real impact are rethinking how their entire business is run. They're not simply adding a digital app to an existing process. They are reimagining every process to drive value for their customer.

Learn how we help make it happen

Industry CloudSuites

Infor’s best-in-class Industry CloudSuites automate your organization's processes and provide the business logic and data needed to drive transformation through to your employees and operations.


Infor ION eliminates information silos by integrating Infor and non-Infor products within the enterprise. This allows us to create a dynamic publish-and-subscribe model for your organization.

Infor Data Science

Infor Data Science goes beyond collecting information by anticipating problems, responding with solutions, and uncovering new opportunities.

Digital CloudSuite delivered

H&L Digital bundles Infor’s products and services into unique and differentiated experiences that live in the cloud and create a large-scale ecosystem that delivers real value to your customer.