In 2012, Hook & Loop was founded with the mandate to reinvent the user experience for Infor’s suite of enterprise software—moving from stable, convenient systems to pleasurable and meaningful experiences. Along the way, we saw the burgeoning of digital disruption and our clients began to see disruptive smaller players using technology to radically shift their industries. And so a new mandate—and a new team—was formed.

We launched H&L Digital in 2015 so we could work directly with our clients and help them become more responsive to their customers’ needs in an ever-changing world.

We get there not by simply providing clients with strategic vision, but by executing on that vision using Infor’s core systems as an engine for change. Through our application framework—Digital CloudSuite—we’re able to rapidly prototype and deploy signature experiences in the cloud. In short, we turn the promise of digital transformation into a sustainable reality.

Not just a consultancy.
And definitely not just an agency.

What makes H&L Digital fundamentally different is that we’ve created a business consultancy, design agency, and delivery model all in one division that’s backed by one of the world’s leaders in business applications.

That means we’re not just delivering strategy decks nor are we merely designing pretty screens—we’re building scaleable applications that drive real change for our customers and deploying them in the cloud.

Is digital transformation a product or a service? It’s both.

Our approach is business-first, not innovation-first. Working side by side with client partners, we design long-term solutions to solve their enterprises’ deep-rooted challenges.

We’re not interested in quick fixes or one-off apps. We create and deploy signature products and services that digitally transform the entire enterprise. That means we help win over the hearts and minds of your leadership team as well as the employees whose roles will evolve when transformation takes place. It means we’re changing processes at every level—not for the sake of mixing things up, but for the sake of efficiency and speed. It means we’re identifying ways to empower your people, not slow them down. It means less complications and more transparency into every department and aspect of your supply chain.

True digital transformation might not be something your customers will see, but they’ll definitely feel it—through better products, better services, and better experiences.

Our offices

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New York

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