Over the past two years, we’ve gotten our process for digital transformation down to a science.

Phase 1


We get smart on the customer and get to know their business. We uncover new opportunities and areas of growth and work closely with the customer to define the vision for the digital transformation program.

Key activities:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitive audit & analysis
  • Location visits
  • Identify technical & business requirements
  • Technology audit
  • Visioning workshop planning sessions

Phase 2


We build a digital ecosystem and roadmap plan, identify a signature experience, and begin the product ideation process.

Key activities:

  • Digital strategy workshop
  • Functional use case sessions
  • Prioritization of ideas and concepts
  • Product design hackathon
  • Define user profiles
  • Technology and systems architecture planning

Phase 3


We leverage Infor products and platforms to assemble the digital technology stack.

Key activities:

  • Deploy the digital tech stack
  • Development sprints
  • Built and deploy a pilot program
  • Conduct user validation and testing
  • Built a deployment strategy and technology architecture roadmap

Phase 4


We manage, support, and scale the digital products.

Key activities:

  • Launch prep and release execution
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Growth and innovation plan: Digital roadmap execution

Digital transformation that scales

By driving digitization at every touch point and at every level—from employees to operations to the end customer—we catalyze change and add value across the entire enterprise. Instead of delivering at only one touch point or channel like an app, we create innovation at scale and provide a long-term competitive advantage that builds demand and engenders loyalty.

Industry CloudSuites

Infor’s best-in-class Industry CloudSuites automate your organization's processes and provide the business logic and data needed to drive transformation through to your employees and operations.


Infor ION eliminates information silos by integrating Infor and non-Infor products within the enterprise. This allows us to create a dynamic publish-and-subscribe model for your organization.

Infor Data Science

Infor Data Science goes beyond collecting information by anticipating problems, responding with solutions, and uncovering new opportunities.

Digital CloudSuite delivered

H&L Digital bundles Infor’s products and services into unique and differentiated experiences that live in the cloud and create a large-scale ecosystem that delivers real value to your customer.

It’s not magic. It’s Infor.

How are we able to create signature experiences and deploy them so quickly? It’s simple—we build on top of Infor’s best-in-class technology.

What our stack looks like from a tech perspective